Donations are the lifeblood of our ongoing success.

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Continued growth, development and the success of our many projects has been due to the generous support of our sponsors, donors and corporate supporters.

Without financial and in-kind assistance of like-minded individuals and organisations our vision would be a great deal harder to achieve.

Please take a moment to consider supporting Shape Our Future and our ongoing Social Enterprise development, expansion or one of the many specific projects; your contributions directly benefit the organisation and projects, with 100% of fundraising distributed.

Why your donation is really valued and really needed?

Since late 2008 we have been driven to make real action happen, for us the fast delivery of projects is a major factor, there is an urgency connected to climate change and reversing the deleterious effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Our projects and initiatives drive when we do something, we seek to align the right leadership & people to each project that will get the desired results in the most efficient way in the fastest time.

Our initiatives are at different stages of development so this also determines who is involved and when, no use marketing the project with out first finalising the concept.

Each project goes through the same type of time line with each individual task able to be lengthened or shortened as required.

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