What gets us up every day?

To lead, develop and influence business and community to a sustainable future through visioning, fostering and funding ecological, environmental and sustainable initiatives.

We build social enterprise and support social entrepreneurs.

From start-up to sustainable.


How we go about it!

With Respect, Integrity, Courtesy, Honesty, Ethics and Support and of course sustainably.

Our Green Credo!

As a social enterprise we lead by example, it is not enough to simply undertake a few good sustainable practices and call ourselves ‘Green’. We here at Shape Our Future take our reputation and our environment seriously.

You won’t see us partaking in unsustainable activities. We walk the talk and have the evidence to back it up. Here you also will find details on our actual ‘Green Credo’ and Environmental policy. We have put in place a voluntary reporting and monitoring process along with a set of guiding principles to ensure everything we do is as sustainable as it can be.


Our Objectives as detailed in our organisations constitution.

Develop ecological, environmental and sustainability projects in general with an emphasis on climate change and offsetting the deleterious effects of burning fossil fuels and global warming.

Advise on, fund and influence business and the wider community to develop ecological, environmental and sustainability projects.

Respond to the climate change crisis and its impact including developing a vision for a sustainable future that is feasible and able to be implemented by business and the community.

Address and re-evaluate traditional thinking by looking differently at social, economic and environmental issues.

Foster the creation of regions for the growth and protection of flora and fauna by the community in general or various sub-sets of the community where people can contribute learn and assist with restoring our ecology and biodiversity.

Foster effective management of land and reserves including the control of pests and the minimisation of damage caused by climate change.

Offer services to business, community, government and other organisations including future and visionary thinking, consultancy, assessment, leadership, innovation, marketing, planning and strategy in relation to the objects set out above.


It takes many hands to make light work…

Shape Our Future and our social enterprises’ success are only possible from the enormous contributions made by many different people representing a number of different sectors. Without the contributions of staff, volunteers, partners, family and friends, networks and associates we would not be as successful.

We welcome new sponsors, members and volunteers to join us in this exciting venture.

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